About Us

CheekyBums is the hybrid of vintage and modern – we wanted to create both a marketplace and a resource blog for parents that want to raise their kids the vintage way – not just in style (although we have some a.maz.ing vintage duds in our market!) – but in a way that reflects the “vintage” values that we seem to have lost in our fast-paced-plastic-laden-techno-savvy world.  We want to create a place that brings us back to morality, wholesome values, modest clothes, Biblical parenting, and natural living, realizing that it’s possible to be completely vintage and totally modern, all at the same time.

Join our virtual community of parents who want to find that beautiful harmony between vintage and modern!


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I am completely on board, and happy to have run into your site. It is always easier to proceed when you know there are like-minded individuals, not to mention entire communities of people, sharing your beliefs, norms and goals.

    One point of concern, the direct term “Biblical parenting” could exclude a large number of people who share all of these values, but might not classify (or be welcomed to do so) their parenting as Biblical, though it may fully embrace reverence for God and spirituality in life. I just get so excited when I see places and ideas like this, and I know how hard it has been to help people to understand how we raise our family and why (not that it is my goal to get approval or followers, but some people really want the conversation). And on the occasion that someone thinks about what we do, and decides there might be some benefit and merit in our thought, and makes the slightest effort to “buck the systematic way of child-rearing”, it feels like the world is moving in the right direction. I would want those considering the way they move through life to feel connected to pursue such a path, rather than put off by what they might think of as semantics.

    Respectfully submitted with gratitude and blessings.

    • First off, thank you so much for the kind way in which you have submitted your question. We really appreciate the thought you put into your comment and are always happy to answer this. The points you made are completely understandable and we fully recognize that by including the term “Biblical Parenting” that it could be offensive to some. This is a “hot topic” in our culture today (both the term AND the principles associated with it!) and a subject we are very aware of as we have developed our blog and market. Although some people may choose to exclude themselves from this model or phrase, the Bible is still the root of every parenting principle that we espouse, and so it’s most logical to reference the *source* of our philosophies and principles. EVERY beneficial parenting principle, no matter where it is reprinted, is rooted in Biblical truth. The Bible in and of itself is a stumbling block to many, but that doesn’t negate it’s teachings, in fact it reinforces them because it is sifting our hearts and minds to see what we truly believe and if we are *willing* to be offended. I would rather find myself offended (no matter how infuriating), if it means that in the end I will find freedom and truth. So it’s true that some may disagree or write off our articles once they see that phrase, but in the end, it is more beneficial to face the bigger questions than to skirt around semantics for the benefit of increasing our readership. Thank you for your kind words and its wonderful to meet other parents that are making healthy balanced choices when it comes to raising and disciplining their children! There has never been a time in history where parents have faced such ridicule when bucking the system. The Journey is hard, but beautiful. –Kelsi at Cheeky Bums

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