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Vertical Veg :: Small Space Gardening. Even though I recently tore out almost my entire backyard for gardens, I love to see just how much produce you can fit into any size space.

ikatbag :: How to Work with Cardboard. She is INCREDIBLE with cardboard. This may or may not be why I was hoarding so much cardboard in my house.

Team EcoEtsy :: Natural Cheek and Lip Stain. Tried it today and LOVED it. Are you like me and always on the look-out for homemade (and all natural!) beauty items? Not only does it add color but it’s a great moisturizer for your lips.

Green Bean Gardens :: Mango “Ice Cream”. Delicious! Amazing! Wowzer! All words uttered by this prego who is ALWAYS willing to try any dairy-free ice cream recipe. Plus, it’s super SIMPLE.