Simple As That ::  Summer Photo Checklist: a free download. This is a great photography blog with some great freebies!  Here’s a summer photo checklist – whether you’re a pro photographer or just a mom with a dollar store camera, here are some great ideas to capture this summer!

The Tiny House Family :: A Tiny House Reforms A Messy Housekeeper. I love this blog, and if nothing else, am posting it to keep MYSELF on track!  Gretchen has been doing a great series on Simplicity, and The Tiny House Family blog keeps me inspired and makes me wonder what else I really NEED…

Simple Homeschool :: Building Global Awareness in Kids. Whether you are a homeschool family or not, this is a great piece about exposing our children to countries, cultures and people, even if we never leave our living room.

The Provision Room :: Summer of Bugs! (Homemade Bug Repellent and Treating Bites).  I went to the grocery store to buy some all-natural bug repellent and they wanted $13 for the bottle – nothankyou.  This was a timely article and a great recipe on how to make your own, completely natural and safe bug repellent for pennies a bottle!