CNN :: Study: Antibiotics have little impact on child ear infections. This is a fascinating read!  Please think twice before you rush to the doctor if your child has an ear infection.  If they are complaining of ear pain, check out the next article below!

Modern Alternative Mama :: Earache Escapades.  This is a fantastic article and one of the most concise and complete references for natural treatment of an ear infection.

GNOWFGLINS :: Basic Jerky: Not So Tough. Jerky is SUCH a great snack to have around, and it can even make for a great lunch on the road or on a hike.  However, jerky without all of the additives (let alone organic) is really expensive.  You can make it at home, but you’re still going to pay top dollar for a prime cut of beef, right?  Not any more!  This is a great recipe using ground beef!

Delicious Obsessions ::  122 Uses For Coconut Oil – The Simple, The Strange and The Downright Odd.  One of the best ingredients to keep stocked in your pantry (or medicine cabinet, cleaning closet, nursery, bath tub, garage, etc, etc, etc…!)