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It seems comical to me that I am posting my daily routine, cleaning schedule and the like under our “Living Naturally” series because there is nothing about having a method or routine that comes naturally to me!  It’s not that I’m reckless, lazy or a slob (although I can’t make any guarantees if you stop by unannounced!).  It’s simply that, like most moms – and especially work from home moms – I have so many things on my plate, that I can’t find a clean plate when I need one.


I must say though, that I do love “to-do lists”, planners, my google calendar, my homeschool planner, and post it notes…it’s just that I have an overabundance of WAYS to organize, but very little wiggle room in my day in which to actually accomplish everything on my sticky notes. (For a great free printable daily to-do list, check this out!)

Good or bad, over-committed or not (which is a post for another day) this season is what it is and as ridiculously exhausted occupied as I am, there are still household and family necessities that have to get done.  So, here is how I break down my day and week, in the roughest of senses (please note that ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE.  We have regular melt-downs, forgotten errands, diaper changes, spilled paint, etc that make for a routine and not a schedule).

-5:30ish am: wake up (not of my own free will, mind you.  I have an adorable bald chubby one year old alarm clock named Liam that wants fed like clock work every morning at 5:30.  Good thing he’s cute…)

– 6am: Finish feeding said bald chubby alarm clock, make first cup of coffee, tidy up if anything was left out in the kitchen or living room from the night before and work on ye old blog.

-7:30am: Thing One (Maddi) and Thing Two (Livi) emerge wanting to be fed, so they occupy Liam while I make breakfast.  Which means that they start playing with  Barbies, he rips one of the heads off, they get annoyed and move him to the other side of the room, forget about him, and he escapes their watchful eyes and joins me in the kitchen, so I make breakfast one-handed with Alarm Clock on my hip.

-8-9am: Breakfast, then kiddos brush teeth, I tell them to get dressed, they put on dress-up clothes.  I send them back up stairs for real clothes to start the day.  They return wearing non-matching outfits, but sans the tutus, so we are making progress.  They all play while I clean up from breakfast and start a load of dishes.

-9am: We attempt to start our homeschooling day, and Maddi starts off with her phonics, math lesson and handwriting, all things she can do independently, and I start laundry and get “school” ready for Livi.

-9:03am: Livi has finished all of her “school” (coloring sheets) and wants another activity.

-9:09 am: Livi finishes activities #2-5 that I had hoped would last her through til lunch time.

-9:30-10am: We attempt to read our Bible lesson and some Science before Liam is too grumpy, at which time he goes down for a nap and I get cup of coffee #2 and TRY to remember to switch over laundry.

-10-11:30am: Liam is down for his nap, the girls get a snack which they have been asking for since 8:20 (the approximate time we finished breakfast) so we quickly finish any loose reading in Bible or Science, then do our Grammar and History lessons.

-11:30: Liam wakes up, and while the girls play with him, I check email and the blog, and then I realize that these little people will need to eat again.

-12-1pm: Lunch and free time. (Side note, it seems really funny typing out that we have “free time” in our day.  Free time simply means that mommy’s coffee is wearing off and she can’t bear to start school back up quite yet).

-1ish-2pm:  If we have any little errands to run, we’ll often do them right after lunch so that we can get back in time for afternoon coffee Liam’s nap.  Otherwise, the girls play outside or in our playroom.

-2pm: Liam goes down for his afternoon nap and we finish up any loose subjects, and we read aloud a story together.  We’re working through some amazing classical books and this is a nice quiet addition to our afternoon.  Note: This must be accomplished before 3pm.  Mommy hits a wall at 3pm and may have, on occasion, almost dosed off while reading, snuggled on the couch.

3pm:  The wall that mommy hits usually happens around now.  If I can muddle through, I start dinner prep.  If not, we snuggle on the couch and the girls watch a 30 minute video while mommy pretends to stay awake.

-3:30-6:30pm:  A whirlwind time. Somewhere in those hours, Liam wakes up and gets a small snack with the girls, I check email, realize that I forgot to thaw the meat, scrounge for something else to make for dinner, try to throw in another load of laundry, tidy up from the day, Rusty comes home, kids play outside, we eat and get the munchkins ready for bed.

-6:30-7:30pm: Bed time routine in the loosest sense.  This is their time with Papa, so Rusty hangs with the kiddos while I check email and log into pinterest do the dishes and tidy up from dinner.  They get all hyper from playing some kind of monster-attacks-Barbie’s Dream-House game (thank you, Papa!) and then brush teeth, jump on their beds, are reminded to stop, are instead thrown on their beds by Rusty (thank you, Papa!) and then we say prayers and turn out the lights. Until someone is thirsty, has a head ache, a tummy ache, an itch that they can’t reach, they forgot their dolly, or Liam is too loud.

And once there is finally silence and my nervous system has time to process the day, I want to crawl into a ball and go to sleep.  Usually, however, I finish laundry, try to unload/load the dishwasher, and tidy up.  I get my second wind at 10pm and all of my best business ideas happen between 10-11pm (unfortunately…) so I try to get a little more work done without falling asleep at my computer, which thankfully only happens occasionally.

Glamorous, I know.

We homeschool 5 days a week, but take it easy on Mondays because we have busy weekends, and I do a lot of the blog work, phone calls, personal errands and business things on Mondays.

So, now that I have a day laid out, here is what I try to squeeze in each week:

  • Mondays: laundry and cleaning from the weekend, garden work, blog scheduling and writing
  • Tuesdays: sweeping and dusting
  • Wednesdays: mopping and laundry
  • Thursdays: bathrooms
  • Friday: catch-all day (doing anything that I didn’t get to during the week) plus grocery shopping.
  • Saturday: projects around the house and afternoon naps
  • Sunday: the bare minimum

What kind of routine do you have to your day?  Do you schedule to the minute, or fly by the seat of your kid’s diaper?


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