In The Garden Online :: Ten Vegetable You Can Grow In Shade. This article lists the 10 veggies that you can plant *almost* anywhere!  This makes growing your own produce MUCH easier – especially if your house/apartment doesn’t get much sun.

Mark’s Daily Apple :: Will Red Meat Kill You? Have you heard about the latest study out that says if you eat red meat, you’re up to 20% more likely to die?  This article explains exactly why the science behind the study is faulty and speculative, and is completely unfounded; drawing abstract correlations between health and red meat.

Simple Organic :: Nature Journaling With Kids.  This post both explains and provides resources for nature journaling with the munchkins in your life.  Nature Journaling is a great reason to get off the couch an engage in purposeful outdoor activities!  Never done it before?  Spring is a great time to start, because there are so many changes going on around us – even if you live in the city!

Katy She Cooks :: My signature summer dish; if only I could monogram a potato.  I’m really not sure how I stumbled across this blog, but I adore it!  Katy is a fantastic writer and I have several of her recipes bookmarked – including this one! It’s unseasonably warm in Northern Indiana right now…and this yummy potato salad is on the menu!