Natural News :: The Myth of the Low-Fat Diet and Why Consuming Healthy Fats is Vital to Your Health.  This is a great article with information on why low-fat diets are not only NOT the way to lose weight, but why they are actually UNhealthy.

Diapers, Dogs and Deployments :: So You Want to Use Cloth Diapers. This is a wonderful introduction to cloth diapering, with info on the reasons to use them, how to use them, what types are available and the common misconceptions.

Keeper Of The Home :: Favorite Winter Herbal Remedies; Colds and Coughs, Stomach Viruses and Headaches.  A mommy’s list of herbal remedies for common illnesses!

The Prairie Homestead :: How To Be An (Apartment) Homesteader.  This article is so encouraging; you can live naturally and simply, even if you’re in a high-rise!  (side note: Jill has some great posts on homesteading in various situations; suburbia, apartments, etc – accentuating the fact that homesteading is a lifestyle, not just a location. Her blog is a great read!)