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well, I have to be honest…there is SO much I want to tell you about Cheeky Bums Market.. WHO we are…HOW we got here…WHY we’re here…

but for a minute, I want the products to speak for themselves….

here’s a glimpse at our new clothing line, designed by Gretchen and I and completed by our amazing seamstress LeeAnn….

and this one too…

These are our premier designs, but there are SO many more outfits to come in the {cheeky} brand, so keep checking back!

And the toys…oh the toys….

and these of course…

We have SO many things planned for our new market, so thank you in advance for your graciousness as we work out our new website and product lines!  We currently carry cloth diapers and accessories, vintage, one-of-a-kind clothing from the amazing Periwinkle Jazz, Camden Rose Toys and Tiny Giraffe Blocks, as well as our own clothing line, {cheeky}.  Everything in our store is made in the USA, and MANY of the items are made locally, here in Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan!

There’s more to come tomorrow in the way of Cheeky items, and we MAY OR MAY NOT BE GIVING AWAY AN ITEM IN OUR {CHEEKY} LINE TO A LUCKY BLOG READER ON FRIDAY….{insert not-so-subtle hint}

but for now, this mama is tired….

Now head on over to the Market and go shopping!