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Each Tuesday we have been focusing on our Living Naturally Series, so this giveaway fits perfectly! enjoy!


From the beginning of Cheeky Bums blog we have shared our desire to return back to the “vintage” way of doing things – in everything from the way we parent our children, to providing nourishing foods for our families.  We have discussed this in more detail in many of our articles last week. We have shared about soaking whole grains, pickling vegetables, and lacto-fermenting beverages but have not delved into too great of detail about each of these specifically.

Well, Wardeh Harmon, founder of www.gnowfglins.com, does.

AND, she has so graciously provided us with a copy of her eBook,                   The Fundamentals of Traditional Cooking, for a review and giveaway!

First of all, you may all be wondering what GNOWFGLINS is. This is an acronym that Wardeh created which means, God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season. This is a way of life that she and her family have adopted approximately seven years ago after dealing with several food allergies and other health issues. You may have noticed that it seems like almost every family deals with some form of food allergy. Both of the Cheeky Bums families do and as Kelsi mentioned in this post, by switching store-bought homogenized, pasteurized milk for raw milk and adding lacto-fermented beverages and foods (dairy kefir, yogurt, etc.) to help promote a healthy gut, they saw their daughter totally healed from her food allergy. On the other-hand, I personally have a dairy allergy that unfortunately has not responded positively by the addition of these things into my diet but this eBook provides alterations to most recipes to allow even myself to use them! This is a wonderful addition as I had to do more extensive research to figure out how to convert recipes when I started adding these foods into our diet, but Wardeh has everything laid out perfectly in her book!

*** Let me tell you, IT.IS.WONDERFUL! ***

It is THE best Traditional Foods resource that I have come across.

hands down!  

a MUST HAVE for anyone starting out on a Traditional Foods journey!

Let me tell you why:

  1. It’s tagline says it all: “Make your kitchen healthy, one task at a time.”

    This has been important to me as I started incorporating these items into my family’s diet. It is extremely difficult for me to tackle five new tasks, let alone do any of them successfully. Wardeh easily breaks it down into fourteen lessons that build upon one another. Take one week or longer for each lesson until you feel comfortable with it and then move on to the next lesson.

  2. It accommodates all levels of experience with traditional cooking.

    Many of you have probably experimented with many of the items we have previously mentioned but for others of you, it may all be new. This e-book breaks it down easily, even providing you with the ingredients and equipment needed for each lesson as well as where to find these items. You really can pick up this book without any prior knowledge AND successfully add these items to your kitchen routine!

  3. She provides tips for maintaining and establishing these items into your kitchen routines.

    Wardeh has thought of everything. It’s wonderful to have a book full of recipes with new cooking preparations in it, but how do I make it part of my routine in the easiest possible way? These are simple tips but ones I often don’t think of until someone breaks it down for me and tells me to do them!

  4. She realizes these are big changes and they don’t all need to be figured out quickly.

    If you need to revisit a lesson later on or if you need to spend more time becoming comfortable with those areas, she gives you permission to do so. She is an expert (she does not label herself in this way… but I do!) but, to make it even better, she is realistic. She knows that these are sometimes difficult changes to make but that we are all on a quest to provide nourishing foods for our family. Our goal is the same but we may all reach the goal at different timesand that is okay.

Within each lesson, she breaks it down even more.

You’ll find the following sections within each chapter:

  • Explanation of the lesson’s topic and why it is important and beneficial.
  • The how of each topic with PRACTICE points. This is when you try out your new knowledge in the kitchen.
  • Fact sheets that summarize a lesson’s information or technique.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Links. She links to a whole host of other resources. If you want to learn even more or find more recipes, she steers you in the right direction.

Plus, if the book is ever updated, an email will be sent to you with the new updated copy! This 180-page “storehouse of knowledge”keeps on giving even after the one-time $20 purchase!

So, if you don’t win the free copy of this eBook you can affordably buy your own copy here.

As I noted earlier this eBook covers 14 different lessons including my favorites: soaking whole grains, making chicken stock, water kefir, sourdough bread, and natural pickled foods (among a whole slew of others!)…ALL items that I mentioned that I wanted to incorporate into my kitchen routine within the next six months (read here). What a blessing to get this book at the beginning of my kitchen transformation!

And for even more information including recipes, eBooks, videos and more, follow Wardeh’s blog.


And now is your chance to win a FREE COPY of Wardeh’s eBook.



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THIS GIVEAWAY ENDS AT 11:59 pm on Tuesday, January 31, 2012. The winner must be within the continental U.S. and will be chosen by Random.org and announced here on the blog on Wednesday, 2/1/12. The winner then has until Thursday, 2/2/12 at 11:59 pm to contact us with their email address so that we can get this awesome book to your inbox.

(And for the record: This giveaway is sponsored and hosted by Cheeky Bums Market and the eBook was graciously donated by GNOWFGLINS. Cheeky Bums Market is donating this eBook as a gift to one of our blog readers that completes the giveaway rules. This eBook is a gift and will not be given in exchange for profit and these products and this giveaway are in no way related to/affiliated with facebook, inc.)


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