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I’m a 6′ tall, ruggedly good looking man with red hair, looking for FTIGFMADTLS  (Food That Is Good For Me And Doesn’t Taste Like Socks)….

As I type this post part of me wonders what the site stats will be with this article? what exactly you were thinking this post was going to be about? and who exactly is our readership that would click on such a title?  😉   (Hey, I’d click on it too…. because I know the intent of the blog!)

This blog is a message to all women who want their men to eat healthier!

Okay, just over six years ago my oldest daughter (who was a baby at the time) had these weird bumps on her cheeks, and we were told that it was ‘baby acne’.  Sounds good, I’ve heard of that before.  Well, Kelsi (the highly honored Mrs. Rea), was at the health food store and the clerk looked at Maddi (oldest daugher) and said to my wife, ‘Oh, you had a penicillin drip during labor.’  Kelsi was shocked and said, ‘yeah, how did you know?’  The clerk responded, ‘The bumps on your baby’s face is a reaction to the lactose in milk, and all of the good bacteria in her gut was killed off by the penicillin…I see it all of the time.’   (the conversation went something like that– I think– I’m a husband and it’s my job to botch stories)… Anyway, we took her off of milk, gave her probiotics, and the ‘acne’ cleared up.

How was it that the clerk ‘saw it all of the time’ and gave a correct diagnosis– NUTRITION– But the doctors simply diagnosed it as ‘acne’— please hear me out, I’m not anti-doctor, I’m VERY pro-doctor…. But, I’m also pro-nutrition.

This whole event led Kelsi on a ‘Natural Kick’ that often times ‘kicked me right in the taste buds!’  I’ve been her ‘experiment tester’ for the past 6 years and have eaten everything from ‘lacto-fermented bean dip’ (that’s health nut talk for: beans and milk left out on the counter for a coupla weeks)  to ‘quinoa and chicken salad’ (I don’t know what a ‘quinoa’ is, but I think someone ate it before I got to the table)…

Kelsi has honed her skills, and I sneak my ‘Man’s food’ while out running errands less frequently (sshhh…).  I still wonder how she can make mashed up beans and chocolate chips into a ‘gluten free cookie’ that actually tastes good–like a cookie!  (She stole the recipe from Gretchen— co-owner of Cheeky Bums– so I’m sure it will end up on here at some point).  I don’t care how she makes it, as long as I don’t have to fool with anything goofy, or put any sort of effort into making her think it tastes good in an attempt to avoid the ‘I should want to eat healthier’ talk…

As the ‘free-lance foodie’ I had requirements to her culinary insanity— it HAD to taste good, otherwise I don’t care.  As I mentioned in my intro, I’m 6′ and when I’m stick skinny wearing size 32 pants I still weigh in at 190lbs (author’s note: I’m not currently stick skinny, and my pants aren’t size 32…I’d tell you my numbers, but I blush easily).  I’m not what you’d call ‘A little guy’…the  food I eat needs to FILL ME UP.  My job is very physically demanding and when I come home I am ready.to.eat!

A funny thing happens as you give your body the nutrients it needs- you crave the junk less, and you actually begin to want to eat the healthy foods more often.  It’s like your body is FINALLY getting what it wants and so you don’t have to eat everything in the cupboard before you finally feel full.  (Not like I’ve ever done that, but I’ve heard….)

Ladies, there are plenty of creative ways to sneak healthy food into your meal plans.  When they actually taste good you can successfully avoid having to give the ‘eat healthier’ lecture to you man.

Check back often, subscribe to our blog, like us on facebook.  We have plenty of tips and recipes ready for posting.  And, just as a reminder, whenever the whole ‘gluten free bean cookie’ recipe makes it on here, you will want to limit the quantity you and your hubby eat— remember— it’s beans…

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