Often times life gets the best of me….well ‘often times’ is a slight understatement.  It seems life *usually* gets the best of me.  I get stuck in my routine.  I leave the house before anyone wakes, work all day, come home, try to unwind, eat dinner, put kids to bed, work on the ‘side projects’ that are piled high on my desk, go to bed too late, and do it all.over.again.

My family is my life.  I made a very conscious decision that I will always put my family first.  Sometimes, however, putting family first  in *theory* doesn’t quite translate into *practice*.  In *theory* when I’m sitting at the computer plugging away I am trying to provide for my family, and if I spent all of my free time playing with my kids then we wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the extras side money allows.

My kids are 6, 4, and 8 months… still young enough that I’m their life and their rock.  They don’t understand the grown up world, all they understand is that ‘Papa is too busy, he will do it later’… it honestly crushes me when I have to shoe them away to get things done.  Just as I made the decision to put family first I have to remind myself that I have to talk their language— I don’t have to try to be the funniest, strongest, or best dressed prince charming— to them, I already am.

A few Saturdays ago my girls kept pestering me to have a tea party with them.  I was wearing my sweat pants and a frumpy t-shirt, and working on the computer.  They kept asking to do a tea party. I stopped what I was doing, told them I had one more quick thing I had to do, then we could do a quick tea party.  They were thrilled and got everything set up….  What they didn’t know was that my ‘one more quick thing’ was to change into my suit (that fit 30lbs ago), dig out my dress shoes (which I wore with white socks since all my black socks were dirty), and put on a tie.  When I came down stairs for our tea party it totally rocked their world!  A simple 45 minute break from the computer and a quick change of clothes turned into a story they have been talking about ever since…

I ‘made’ more in that 45 minutes than I have in my entire working life time… I was their ‘Prince Charming’— and it Rocked their world (and mine too)!

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